A Review — The Sun And Her Flowers

The Sun and Her Flowers is the second collection of poems and illustrations from 25-year-old New York Times bestselling author Rupi Kaur.

After reading her first collection, Milk and Honey, earlier this year, I knew I had to give this one a try when I saw it at the store on the shelf. Just as I expected, The Sun and Her Flowers blew my heart wide open. If you are a woman with a beating heart, there is something in this book that you can connect with, I promise.

The book is separated into five sections filled with poems. The section titles are Wilting, Falling, Rooting, Rising, and Blooming — each tells the story of a unique aspect of Kaur’s journey.

The poems within each section relate back to its title, or theme, and each part flows together to deliver the most beautiful story of this woman’s life and truth.

The real strength of Kaur’s work is the way that she masterfully takes the most challenging concepts, the most complex of feelings, and crafts them perfectly into words.

The poems range from a few lines to more than one page, and each one is more special than the last. When I read this book, I found myself folding over pages because of the many messages in this book that I knew I would never want to forget.

Kaur has a way of capturing the pure emotions that people, specifically women, feel, and it is so genuine and gorgeous. She holds nothing back as she explores the feelings of breaking up, falling in love, self-love, self-hate, and family relationships. She addresses oppression and life as a minority, growing up in her culture, and the importance of women rising in today’s world. Though the topics she tackles range from light to heavy, each poem is thoughtful, honest, and sincere. Her openness to all subject matter is what makes this collection so relatable, likable, and essential.

Most poems are paired with clever illustrations, done in black and white. They look almost like doodles but add relatable aspect through the seemingly effortless nature of the drawings.

In some poems, it really felt like she reached into my head and my heart to pull out the words I never knew to say. It’s a one of a kind feeling, and I am truly grateful for Rupi Kaur’s courage and vulnerability. Each woman that reads this collection will feel slightly less alone in this world.

The Sun and Her Flowers will make you want to hug your mom, cry over your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, relish in the feelings of truly loving yourself, shatter the glass ceiling for our daughters, and become the most empowered, incredible version of yourself.

You’ll smile, cry, and lose your breath as Kaur speaks directly to your soul. Reading this book is a gorgeous experience that I would recommend to anyone. Captivating, filled to the brim with emotion, and incredibly well-written, The Sun and Her Flowers is a mirror into the lives of women everywhere.

It’s a must read!

Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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