A Matter Of Perspective

A “matter of perspective that yields without fail” is an intriguing phenomenon. Seductive to opportunities that foretell a fortune, we are off galloping on a lame horse. True, the horse was lame, but perhaps no more lame than the ideas about opportunities we are packaged with.

The fulcrum on which ideas balance is not opportunity, so much as it is perspective. But perspective within a spongy environment that soaks up so much of our culture and conditioning and makes our vulnerabilities into insecurities is a disorienting search for equilibrium. 

Finding perspective and maintaining it was always going to be more than a walk in the park in any Eden. I sometimes think Jamaica has a lock on Eden gone wild, but it matters little even with alarming and gruesome statistics if we don’t understand the why of anything.

So, perspective, whether we understand it or not, is the input (for the most part) which guides us to the ” without fail”. 

Why not opportunities? We make decisions based on perception of opportunities, cost benefit analysis, but we are not very good at seeing, for what you see depends on what you see. The best way to see is with your mind’s eye, somewhat like faith.

So, putting the cart before the horse or galloping with misunderstanding always needs a slowdown. As we do the slow your roll, we reach inside ourselves for answers to move forward. Perspective allows me to settle down, to see with eyes of faith, intrigue and insight.

Perspective is a two-edge sword (where have we heard that), but setting your sights firmly on a focus point not only determines horizons it commands them. That, my friend is the canyon that fires the shot that circles the furthest star.

Be always of the mind of Christ.

Peter Peterkin, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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