A Fisherman’s Folly

In the event it falls to you to tell The Fisherman of whispers that are not yet grumbles, I hope you will be guided not by his generosity to you, but by yours to him.

His stock in trade insistently proclaimed “Fresh Fish” has mixed reviews, albeit from the genteel folks able to afford his catch and others who have saved a few pennies to acquire the taste of Jack, Parrot, and Sprat.

My favored lot of fish heads fileted way too high gives me a vantage but uncertain view of the whispers. It is not a stretch to say, “I have little evidence to go by”.

Nonetheless, if Fresh Fish is an overreach or an innocent breach Fisherman has to be told. 

“What if his trade is hurt by unkind reviews?” Admittedly, the allegation could be spurious, but if true whether we are alarmed or outraged, it has serious implications for all. A Fisherman should be alerted at the first whispers that his place in the market should be secured by compelling quality and assuring satisfaction even if he is the only Fisherman in town.

Consider the matter this way: we could all come to the defense of the Fisherman who, by all accounts, doesn’t even eat his own fish, but toils diligently so that we can eat his, the quality he insists we should be grateful.

I am torn in my views for the fishhead soup is now a staple and without the kind and dependable gestures of the Fisherman, many nights we would go to bed without broth. On the other hand, if the quality of his fish is less than it should have been, condemnations aside, the whispers should become a roar for silence guarantees the status quo.

For reasons not clear to me, infidelity to standards or perhaps acceptance of mediocrity on our parts more so than his has brought his reputation into disrepute. He protests his innocence as well he should, but clearly there is a definite telltale odor of all is not well as consumers rethink their eagerness to be his customers.

My freshly prepared fishhead soup challenges me with misgivings. My palate obviously is very delicate. I hope you confront the Fisherman about your concerns for I am already on the waiting list for work at the Broiler Chicken plant which is under construction.

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Peter Peterkin, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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