A Change In Mindset Can Lead To Success

If you go to buy something which costs a dollar, and without warning, it now costs two, express surprise if you have to, but don’t walk away from exploring how to afford it. It is not beyond you.

If you treat people the way they treat you and it falls short, you can compare and contrast all day long. It ain’t enough.

For if you had given your best and it fell short, would you abandon yourself to a place between heaven and hell, or would you do even more than before to open the floodgates of heaven?

I find it curious that at times we are prepared to measure the blessings we give by what we get in return and consider that a fair arrangement even if it doesn’t work out so well.

If life asks more of you, give it.

If love asks more of you, hasten to be of service. Would you prefer a harvest of little or a lot for another? Or should that depend on whether it’s a friend or foe?

We should ponder the thimble we boast and raise in a toast to celebrate another’s “Good Health and Long Life “even as our fine crystal glass sits dusty and unused.

We have been misled to believe we ought only to give as good as we get or expect to get, and that we should be guaranteed a bumper harvest before we plow or plant or invest in another’s welfare after we have secured our own.

The truth of what it takes to succeed is stranger and less faithful to that gospel of selfishness. It turns out that our generosity and care for one another are inextricably linked to the progress we can make.

Our understanding of “seventy times seven” is no multiplication or mathematical exasperation, to which we grudgingly accede or concede.

It is a recognition that as we reaffirm another’s dignity even our enemy or one who gave less than promised we make the world a better place.

Moreover, our attitude moves mountains and barriers. Never lose sight of your connection to life or be an unstoppable force that makes deserts bloom by giving your best.

Water gardens, yours or others with love and generosity, and if needs be, with more than you gave yesterday.

Here’s to you! Life has your back.

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Peter Peterkin, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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