7 Tips for Posting on Social Media

Social media is becoming more and more important in the public sphere as many people are turning to this outlet for social interaction and engagement of all sorts.

Consequently, advertisers, bloggers as well as other entrepreneurs are looking at various means of gaining and capturing attention of these netizens.

7 Tips for PostingHere, has listed 7 tips that will help one to increase engagement across social media platforms:

  1. Keep Your Social Media Posts Short and Simple
  • Twitter: 71 – 100 characters
  • Facebook: 40 – 119 characters
  • Google+: less than 60 characters per headline
  1. Include a Link with Every Social Media Post

Ensure the link is relevant

  1. Include an Image with Every Social Media Post
  1. Be Social on Your Social Media Networks
  • Respond to mentions
  • Follow or like your engaged followers
  • Like posts from your engaged followers
  • Monitor hashtags
  • Participate in relevant conversations
  1. Identify and Follow Influencers in Your Industry
  1. Reuse and Recycle Your Social Media Posts
  • Rewrite the post using different messaging
  • Include a different hashtag
  • Use a different call to action
  • Include a different mention
  • Experiment with the time of days and days of week you share your post
  1. Post Consistently and Diversify Your Offering
  • Use the right social media channel for the type of content
  • Post a mix of promotional, conversational, and personal posts
  • Post regularly and consistently

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