5 Ways To Lose Weight And Live Longer

5 Ways To Lose Weight And Live LongerHere are five easy ways to arrest the weight problem you have always wanted to:

1) Reduce your sodium intake

Eat less processed foods and fill up on vegetables and fruits.

2) Eat healthy fats

Switch from butter, margarine, or shortening to monounsaturated fat – for example, olive oil.

3) Eat whole grains

Whole grains are naturally low-fat and cholesterol free; contains 10 to 15% proteins and are filled with fiber, minerals antioxidant, among other nutrients.

4) Do physical exercise

Walking costs nothing, so a 20-minute walk around your neighborhood 3 times per week is a step in the right direction.

5) Limit your quantity of carbohydrates

By cutting carbs, your body produces less insulin so that you burn stored for energy.

There you go, take 5 – try it! ∅

Yvad Billings, Readers Bureau, Fellow