5 Top Caribbean Countries To Visit At Christmas!

Do you want a break from the snow and white Christmas this year? If you do and want to escape home for some Christmas fun with the family in a warm-weather destination, the Caribbean provides the perfect oasis for you! You will enjoy Christmas with a Caribbean flavor creating some lifetime memories. Here are five of the best places to visit in the Caribbean for the holidays.


The Christmas season in Belize is the highlight of the year. If you love the Christmas spirit and all that is done but just want a warm destination to celebrate the Christmas magic, Belize is the place to be!

Christmas in Belize is celebrated for the entire month of December. There are exciting activities such as the Christmas Bram which involves singers and dancers roaming the streets of villages playing traditional music and beating drums, or you can watch a Maya deer dance for sheer excitement.

In addition to these fun Christmas activities, Belize offers some of the best beaches; you can snorkel or dive because the waters are warm and clean. You can also take some time out to enjoy the jungles and wildlife that Belize is known for. By and large, you will enjoy the season of the Christmas while in addition to enjoying life in paradise, it does not get much better than this!


A trip to Barbados at Christmas gives you the feel of a winter wonderland, without the snow of course. The island is majestically decorated giving you the Christmas thrills and having you wishing that Christmas should be for the entire year. 

You might even get the opportunity to meet Father Christmas, who is the Christmas mascot in Barbados. He visits most of the hotels throughout the season bringing Christmas cheers to guests and staff alike.

Also, there are craft fairs, festivals, and tasty Christmas meals on offer including baked ham and the traditional fruit cake that includes dried fruits, spices, and Barbadian rum. These activities make Barbados one of the best places to visit with your family for the Christmas holiday.

Trinidad and Tobago

The twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago is not a traditional location for mass tourism. However, the Island welcomes many tourists for its annual carnival and Christmas festivities.

If you want a lively and fulfilled Christmas holiday, this island is an excellent choice. The yearly Parang festival celebrates the holiday season through concerts, songs, and parties throughout the Islands.

Also, you will find costumed bands performing in Spanish creole, accompanied by the beating of drums, providing a spectacle for locals and visitors alike.

Additionally, you will also enjoy the unique cuisine of the twin island republic, with offerings such as roti – a delicious traditional flatbread rolled up with curried meats and seafood and vegetable dishes prepared with traditional spices and condiments.

You will thoroughly enjoy Christmas in Trinidad and Tobago if you are big on culture and unique experiences.

The Cayman Islands

This idyllic island is abuzz with activities for Christmas. All the Islands’ hotels are thoroughly decorated, and you will see the Caymanian Santa, who is dressed in shorts and flip-flops in keeping with the relaxed vibe of Christmas in the Cayman Islands.

The Christmas Bus Tour of Lights is one of the main Christmas activities on the island; this includes visiting the most beautifully decorated houses on the island, visiting a historic mission house and partaking in a traditional feast with mouth-watering options such as roast beef and Cassava cake.

The Cayman Islands are for you if you want a relaxing, yet exciting getaway for Christmas.


The island of Grenada, known for its spices and alluring beaches, is an excellent location for a warm Christmas holiday.

In addition to the warm weather, there is a host of activities available that will make spending Christmas here worthwhile. One of the highlights of Christmas in Grenada is Masquerade, where bands play traditional yuletide music, and attendees are dressed in colorful and radiant costumes.

This is a very thrilling experience, especially for visitors who will be amazed at the hospitality of the locals. There are also special holiday drinks on offer such as the ponche – a cream drink, which is a traditional eggnog drink and you can enjoy traditional Christmas food at local restaurants and the hotels on the Island.

This Island is undoubtedly a place that you will enjoy visiting for the Christmas holidays.

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