5 Tell-Tale Signs That You Are Going To Be Fired

5 Tell-Tale SignsSo, you have found yourself working for a company that has a rapid staff turnover and unemployment is at an all-time high. Your boss doesn’t care a kick about you or members of your department as new applicants can be recruited at dime a dozen.

Now, you have tried your best, but somehow you can’t seem to please your supervisor and you both don’t see eye to eye on several issues.

Your co-workers keep telling you it’s a personality clash, but you think it’s par for the course in some workplace environment where workers are not valued.

You have continued to put in the hard work but have now recognized the following:

  1. Your performance review is not as stellar as before

Although negative evaluation is not always synonymous with being fired, it’s a sure sign for you to watch your back.

Watch for these phrases on your performance reviews and get ready to pack your bag  —  “You’re not a good fit for our culture,” “You’re not a team player,” “Your personality or style doesn’t seem to mesh with the team,” “You have a major attitude problem,” or “You are a difficult person.”

  1. You’re placed on ignore or being given the silent treatment

If suddenly you notice the following: you are no longer invited to important meetings, included on key e-mails, or given certain information that will help with your jobs then get ready, the boot may be coming your way.

  1. Your job has become mission impossible

At the initial outset, you were provided with all the tools and support to get your job done, but now you are given new tasks with little or no support and moreover unreasonably deadlines. This is an alert sign to look outside for other options.

  1. Your relationship with your supervisor has gotten from bad to worse

You used to be on friendly terms, but now your supervisor seeks to not only avoid you but also berate you in meetings. You bet that’s a trigger, a pink slip will be coming your way soon.

  1. Your supervisor is on your case all the time

Are you constantly being asked for progress reports? Do you find that your boss constantly monitors your work?

If so, you may want to start looking for a new job.

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