5 Simple Life Hacks Everyone Should Know About

Everybody loves life hacks. The simple things you can do in life to make ordinary living easier, faster, or less complicated.

Here are our favorite life hacks for — well–surviving everyday life.

Kids won’t do their chores? You have the power to change that

Let’s face it, getting kids to clean up after themselves can be like pulling teeth. Instead of standing over your (old enough to know better) child with a proverbial whip until things are done, you just need to make one simple change. A change to the wi-fi password, that is.

Tell your kids they can have that password when everything is done and to your specifications. Those rooms will be clean as a whistle the second they realize Netflix is no longer available until chores are complete.

Want a perfectly round egg?

Frying up eggs is a delicious way to start the day, but an irregularly shaped egg makes for a lumpy breakfast sandwich, and not aesthetically pleasing for the perfectionists out there. Luckily you can get the perfectly round shape made by the pros with the help of an onion. All you have to do is cut a slice from the middle of a large onion and use the largest outer rings to shape your eggs. You can use the rest of the onion later in the day, so it won’t go to waste, and you’ll still get that perfect round egg.

Need to hammer down a nail?

We have all needed to hang up a new painting or secure a loose board. Most of us have also all hit our thumb with the hammer instead of the nail, eliciting swears words and perhaps a few tears. It doesn’t have to be this way though. Use a clothespin to hold the nail instead, saving your fingers and making you more confident in trying for the nail. (Not sure where to get them? Most dollar stores carry them.)

Need to vacuum out the car without the vacuum unplugging?

It happens to everyone. You’re dragging your shop vac, electric weed wacker, or other corded devices around the yard and walk around the corner, only to be stopped dead by your tool suddenly unplugging from the extension cord. This can happen several times while you are trying to work and can make anyone feel frustrated. Luckily, the solution is just to tie them together. Loop them like you would the first stage of tying your shoes, and then plug them together. They won’t come apart anymore.

Leftover gift wrap?

You can keep it tidy by cutting open a toilet paper roll lengthwise and using it as a cheap clasp to keep it together. This is especially handy if you have helpful cats who love to unroll the whole thing all over the living room while you are trying to wrap as well.

Life hacks not only make your everyday life easier, they also make you feel like a wizard, handling stuff that is mild but obnoxious problems.

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Edited by Jesus Chan

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