5 Reasons Why Nice Guys Are Taken For Granted

In an article in, Nicole Nation cited Romance author Richie Drenz in making the claim why nice guys always finished last in a relationship.

According to Nation, a nice guy is the one who will answer his lady’s phone call in the dead of night and go out on a limb for her.

That said, the nice guy may be the last in a lady’s pecking order.

Nation listed the following to support her assertion:

1. You don’t have the hard-to-get appeal

Simply put, she doesn’t have to work to get you. A woman who doesn’t have to do anything to get her man will not appreciate his true value, and there will be a tendency to take your love for granted.

2.  You’re too nice

With you being so nice to her all the time, you are actually quite easy to control and manipulate. This is a plus in her eyes, for no matter what she does, she can always expect you to take her back with open arms. But after a while nice becomes boring and predictable. Although she might not come right out and say it, she wants someone who will be spontaneous and unpredictable.

3.  You will love her unconditionally

So what if she messes up? She knows that you are going to take her back anyway! Your unconditional love can be a source of abuse for the one you give your heart to. She may think of you in a platonic way and not necessarily as boyfriend material. She might always come to you for a shoulder to lean on but not for a romantic sort of relationship.

4.  You don’t lie

Your beloved can rest assured that you will never intentionally hurt her. You will never two-time her or play her for a fool. For some women, this would provide security, but for others it could be an opportunity to take advantage of your vulnerability. Players don’t get played but men who stand on the sidelines do, and most times by the women they love.

5.  You are a guy with principles

You don’t sleep around and you believe in marriage. You want to spend the rest of your life with one person. These are all solid principles on which to build a life together with a woman. But not every woman realizes this. When you have principles and standards and you stand by them, women are more likely to assume that you want more commitment than sexual adventure or excitement in your life.

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