5 Reasons For Kiss Teeth At Trump’s Take On Military Strike Against Syria

“My fellow Americans:  On Tuesday, Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad launched a horrible chemical weapons attack on innocent civilians.  Using a deadly nerve agent, Assad choked out the lives of helpless men, women, and children.  It was a slow and brutal death for so many.  Even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered in this very barbaric attack.  No child of God should ever suffer such horror,” said President Trump at the beginning of his address to the nation as he announced U.S. military attack against Syria.

Although President Trump has been widely applauded by many people nationally as well as internationally for his recent military action against Syria, there are others who have viewed his move as mere political theatrics.

Consequently, many people have kissed or hissed their teeth at the President’s action against Syria.

Now, here are 5 reasons for people hissing or kissing their teeth:

1. Trump, along with many congressional Republicans opposed President Obama’s request to approve a similar action against Syria in 2013, but now are heaping praises on an action which was once considered by them an anathema.
2. Trump has placed a ban on refugees from Syria coming to the U.S.; therefore, any sympathy shown towards the Syrian people by virtue of a missile strike is at best hypocritical.
3. Without a long term strategy or comprehensive plan, a one time strike and run may just be the stirring of the hornet’s nest; that is the disenchanted among the Syrian population may now joined ISIS en masse.
4. An emotional response to a political crisis and civil war in a foreign country doth not a foreign policy make.
5. Why act only when people are being killed by chemical weapons while ignoring the atrocities that are taking place not only in Syria but different parts of the world for example Sudan, Somali, and Libya, among others.

“Tonight, I ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in Syria from where the chemical attack was launched.  It is in this vital national security interest of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons.  There can be no dispute that Syria used banned chemical weapons, violated its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention, and ignored the urging of the U.N. Security Council,” President Trump noted.

However, many pundits have questioned the sincerity of the President’s speech and viewed his action as one of distraction as well as the use of an offense against Syria to take the heat off his administration at home and to gain political mileage.

“Years of previous attempts at changing Assad’s behavior have all failed, and failed very dramatically.  As a result, the refugee crisis continues to deepen and the region continues to destabilize, threatening the United States and its allies.  
Tonight, I call on all civilized nations to join us in seeking to end the slaughter and bloodshed in Syria, and also to end terrorism of all kinds and all types.  We ask for God’s wisdom as we face the challenge of our very troubled world.  We pray for the lives of the wounded and for the souls of those who have passed.  And we hope that as long as America stands for justice, then peace and harmony will, in the end, prevail,” concluded the president.

That said, many politicians are appealing to the President to seek congressional approval before taking any further military action not only against Syria, but also any other country around the world. They are also calling for a comprehensive foreign policy by the Trump’s administration.

The question is will President Trump heed such a request?

Yvad Billings, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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