5 Online Marketing Trends for 2014

As the internet continues to evolve, marketers need to find a way to create more impactful marketing campaigns that will not only provide great customer conversions, but will bolster their brand for the long term. Here are a few opportunities to really focus on in 2014.

Social Media Diversity

Online MarketingThe main social media platforms are still important. However, since their introduction there have been so many more out there, such as Instagram, Google+, and Tumblr, just to name  a few. The temptation is for marketers to establish a presence on all of these in an effort to cast a wide net. However, good social media diversity is not just about numbers; it involves focusing on those social networks that can add value to your brand and allow you to engage more with customers.

Images Will Mean More

If there’s one thing Pinterest has taught marketers is that images are still as if not more relevant than before. Being able to digest content easily and quickly requires strategic image placement. Infographics are prime examples; a well done infographic can mean more to a site than just having plain text. In addition to infographics, using images to break up content and emphasize certain points means that traditional text-based content can get a little boost.


When YouTube passed the billion monthly user mark, some thought that would be the plateau. The truth is that more users are using the online video sharing site to search for what they need to find. YouTube has become a lot like its parent company Google, in that it’s becoming a search engine that smart marketers are learning to use to host product videos, demonstrations, tutorials and all kinds of information that can and will attract new customers and clients.

Design and Usability Not Optional

Having the website used to be all you need but in the coming months, the focus on usability and design will be vital. The reason is that visitors are becoming more demanding. Websites are no longer novelties and visitors know what a good site looks like and what it can do for them. This realization is forcing site owners to pay attention to load times, navigation and be more concise with the information they present. Design and usability are no longer complements to a site; they are requirements for effective marketing strategies.

Mobile Mainstream

By 2017, over two-thirds of the US will be using smartphones to access information, including the web. Mobile is a lifestyle and online marketers will need to get a handle on how to present the information customers need quickly and concisely. Whether customers are checking for information on their way to work or before they go to bed, your link may be at the top of their search results and your site needs to be mobile aware enough to accommodate them.

Readers Bureau, Contributor