5 Must Go Places In Jamaica At Christmas

We don’t have no snow

We don’t have no sleigh

But fun we do have at Christmas Ja

So run and come to sea and sun Its Christmas Ja

So what sweet you never meet  at Christmas Ja

Neville Willoughby

The Island of Jamaica has over the years developed a reputation as a hub for some of the best entertainment events in the Caribbean, top quality local food, and numerous beaches to relax and watch the day passes away in its glory.

In the Christmas season, there are some places and events that you must attend on the Island to experience the best Jamaican Christmas; we will explore five of these.

Grand Market

Grand Market is probably the most popular event in Jamaica over the Christmas holidays. This is a traditional event held on Christmas Eve in all major towns and villages on the Island; the event takes place in the village or town center.

One will find vendors lining the street selling everything from traditional dishes to the latest fashion, people from the villages or towns will be out in their numbers enjoying the vibe and the spectacle, and importantly entertainment is provided by local sound systems with huge sound boxes and speakers.

Grand Market had been a mainstay of Jamaican Christmas celebrations since emancipation in 1838. Some towns that claim to have the best Grand Markets are Linstead in St. Catherine and Brown’s Town in St. Ann.

Jamaican Pantomime

If one has an interest in the performance aspect of the Jamaican culture, the annual Pantomime which begins on Boxing Day (December 26) is something for you.

The National Pantomime has been going since the 1940s and involves a play which is usually a musical comedy satirically making references to different aspects of Jamaican culture, history, politics, or current events.

Pantomime is an event for the entire family, and most of the events for Pantomime are held in Kingston.

Reggae Marathon in Negril

Negril is one of the most laidback and alluring places in Jamaica, known for its famous seven-mile strip of beach.

The town, however, comes alive by running into the Christmas season with the Reggae Marathon on December 02.

The Marathon is an International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) certified event and attracts participants from several countries.

This is an event that is recommended if one enjoys physical activity, or if one just want to enjoy the spectacle of the event.

There are three events including the Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10k; giving you options depending on what is most suitable for you.

The events start at the Long Bay Beach Park and end at about 5 a.m., and the finishing line is at the same beach park. There is a victory party held immediately after the event for everyone to have some fun.

New Year’s Eve Parties and Watch night services

Jamaicans are very superstitious people; it is a widely held view in the country that if one is sleeping at the start of the new year, one will have a lousy year!

Most Jamaicans therefore either go to church or parties; Jamaica has the most churches per square mile in the world, and these churches have services welcoming the new year called watch night services.

There are also several New Year’s Eve parties all over the Island that Jamaicans go to enjoy themselves and ring in the new year. Most hotels also host New Year’s Eve events, which are fun-filled and enjoyable spectacles.

The Liguanea Art Festival

If one is a lover of Jamaican Art, the Liguanea Art Festival is an event not to miss. This is an annual event that takes place in Kingston in early December; it will be on December 03 in 2017.

One will see a wide-ranging display of Jamaican art including painting, ceramics, jewelry, sculpture, and photography.

Additionally, one will meet some of the top artists in Jamaica and will get the opportunity to hear their stories, make connections or just purchase a beautifully unique piece of artwork.

It is a unique experience in Jamaica since there are very few art festivals of the sort in the country.

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