5 Hidden Vacation Spots No One Ever Talks About

Vacations are the highlights of our lives. If you’ve been to Hawaii, Jamaica, and Paris too many times to count, or simply want to share an adventure with your friends that truly is an adventure, these 5 spots make the perfect opportunity.

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Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

If you’ve ever seen one of those rich and beautiful waterfall scenes painted too green to be real, you may have gotten a look at Plitvice Lakes. Dozens of beautiful waterfalls cascade into a turquoise lake, with vibrant green foliage creating a majestic backdrop. All it’s missing is a unicorn grazing peacefully by the water, and it would look like one

of the Lisa Frank products we all adored as children.

If you decide to visit Croatia, Plitvice Lakes is well worth including in your tour.

Kakslauttanen Hotel, Finland

When you think about vacationing, the Arctic probably does not come to mind as a place to go. (Unless you live in Arizona, in which case you’ve probably already packed your ski stuff.) If you’ve ever wanted to see the northern lights completely unimpeded, however, a trip to the Kakslauttanen Hotel could end up being a magical experience. You’ll spend the crisp, cold nights in a glass igloo, free to look up at the sky in relative comfort and watch the glorious displays of nature all night long.

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Green Lake, Austria

Green Lake is every scuba divers dream. The crystal clear waters of this lake make it easy to view the magical world underneath the surface, and the lake comes with a surprising twist. During the winter months, the lake is very shallow, and most of the area is used as a park. When summer comes, the lake rises to about 40 feet deep and completely submerges the park below it. The result is a magical land of green grass, park benches, and trees, all under water.

If you enjoy scuba diving, this is a unique experience you won’t want to miss.

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If you are truly an adventurous spirit, skip the African safari with the cheetahs and lions everyone has heard of, and experience the truly rare. In Madagascar, 80% of the wildlife is found nowhere else in the world. Still largely unexplored, it is entirely possible you could discover a new species while taking your vacation photos.

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Maryhill, Washington, USA

This little-known area is a great getaway spot. Its biggest attraction is the replica of Stonehenge, the first monument dedicated to the soldiers of World War I. The monument itself is spectacular, as is a natural beauty that surrounds it, but there is much more to this little town. Enjoy wineries, pick your orchards, and roadside stands filled with everything from artwork to wild honey. A great getaway spot without getting too far away, it’s a stunning location to reflect and think about life.

All of these places are wildly different, but they still have a great deal in common. The next time you decide to go on a vacation, try swapping out the mundane with a place that will really get your friends talking.

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