5 Gifts For The Person Who Has Absolutely Everything

We all know that one person who goes out and buys what they want as soon as they know they want it. There’s no mystery for them, no anticipation, and no wishlist. What can a person possibly want when they have everything?

Getting a Christmas gift for these people can be awkward. If you’ve got one of those on your list, here are five great ideas that they definitely don’t have.


What does the person who has everything always need? Batteries. Because almost everything they have needs them. The slick new TV has a remote that requires batteries. So, do the player controls for their X-box One and their shiny gold watch. Make a gift basket of all the batteries they’ll need to run the high-tech gadgets they love. If you’d rather not give plain batteries, you can jazz up this gift with rechargeable batteries, so fresh ones are just a charge away.

Illuminated Keychain Fob

Everyone has had that moment fumbling around in the dark for the keyhole of the car or house. Yes, you can get an app on your phone, but that means fumbling around for the phone, too. This handy fob will easily light up the keyhole every time. As a bonus, it lasts for up to 10 years.

Personal Chef

Even if they own every cool kitchen gadget there is, they’ve probably never put those items in the hands of a personal chef. Hiring a personal chef for a night is surprisingly inexpensive ($40-$50 per hour or $20-$30 an hour). For the foodie that already has everything, hiring a chef to come to their home and make them a meal could be the entertainment of a lifetime—and something they probably don’t have already.

Carl the Drinking Chocolate Snowman

This cute snowman isn’t just a cheesy holiday decoration. Drop him into piping hot milk, and he will melt into the perfect cup of hot cocoa. Inside of his head (made of white chocolate) marshmallows are tucked away ready to bubble to the surface, and in his (also white chocolate) body is a cocoa mix. The result? One perfectly delicious hot drink.

Donate in their name

For some people, material goods are something that repulses them rather than fills them with glee. What can you get someone who is genuinely happy with just two cups and a single outfit? While you may not know someone exactly like that, the person who has everything is most likely no longer looking for more things to stick in their home.

If you know they are the kindhearted sort, you can donate in their name to a cause you think they are passionate about.

Even if the person you know seems to have everything, you can still get them a thoughtful gift.

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