5 Christmas Traditions With A Difference

christmas2With so many cultures spanning the globe, and most of them celebrating Christmas, even to just a small degree, there are bound to be some interesting customs and traditions rolled up into this holy (and highly commercialized) day.

1. Japan

In Japan, KFC ran an advertising campaign in the 1970s that was so successful that today, it has become a bit of a tradition to head down to KFC and dig into some drumsticks as a Christmas treat and celebration.

2. Venezuela

A pretty darn cool tradition has developed in Caracas over the years, whereby locals travel to mass on roller-skates.  It became an event that caught on so quickly, that the city has now honored the tradition by closing streets down for the roller-happy church-goers to commute to morning mass.

3. Ukraine

Today, in Ukraine, it is more common to see a Christmas tree with what appears to be a spider web covering it, rather than brightly colored baubles and tinsel. The elaborate fake spider webs found on trees became a tradition after a local fable, which told the story of a poor family unable to decorate their tree but waking up one Christmas morning to a beautiful tree decorated for them by a friendly spider.

4. Czech Republic

Shoe throwing anyone? In the Czech Republic, on Christmas day local women turn their backs toward their front doors and toss their left shoe over their shoulder. Strange? Well not, if you need answers in the area of love! If the toe of the shoe falls facing the door, you are in for a year of red roses and love hearts, if it doesn’t…. well, let’s just say that there are many tears lost.

5. Germany

In Germany, parents hide a pickle (of all things!) in their Christmas tree, and when the kids wake up and rush over to see what Santa brought them in the morning, the first child to find the pickle gets an extra gift to open.

Carol Maye, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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