5 Break-up Stories Shared By Netizens:

5 Break-up StoriesThe break-up of a relationship may happen for one reason or the other. However, some break-ups can be heart-rending and the stories told by both men and women would not only make for a good soap-opera series but also a best selling novel. Here are some feedback ex-partners, who wanted to move on from a relationship, shared with the

1. Tyrone, 38:

I started a rumor that she was with another man. I then waited a while and confronted her that I heard she was cheating on me. I left the relationship feeling like the victim.

2. Jasmine, 31:

I put condoms in his rubbish bins and then pretended to find them. I then started an argument and then we broke up. A girl has to know when to move on to better things, if you know what I mean.

3. Erica, 29:

I remember telling him that I was pregnant when I really wasn’t. I’ve never seen a man leave my life so fast!

4. Mark, 32:

I recall sending her a text message that it was over. As soon as I did so, I blocked her number as well as those of her friends. From that I hold my straight, mi dun with her fi good.

5. Charlie, 31:

I broke up with this one girl via e-mail and copied all her friends just so they would know the current status of our relationship. Come to think of it, they were in our business from the get go and so it was only fitting that they be kept abreast as to any current developments in our relationship.

Carol May, Readers Bureau, Fellow

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