5 Bewitching Features Of Apple Watch

Photo Credit: Apple.
Photo Credit: Apple.

Apple’s entry into the watch market has not only created excitement, but also rekindled interest in the wearing of watch as part of one’s lifestyle.

The fact is watches were silently going out of vogue or fashion especially among generation xers and millenials.

Now, comes Apple with their wide range collection of watches and “To wear it is to love it,” tagline.

“Our customers love Apple Watch and tell us its incredible health and fitness features are having a huge impact on their lives,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s senior vice president of Operations at the company’s recent product launch.

“We’re excited to expand Apple Watch’s functionality with watchOS 2 and offer even more personal choice with beautiful new styles and colors,” he said further.

So, why are customers so enamored by Apple’s watch?

Here are 5 reasons:

1)  Apple Pay

This allows one the convenience of credit card payments right from one’s wrist.

2) Transit information

One can now access transit information easily from Apple’s watch. In select cities around the world, one will be able to see detailed maps and accurate train, subway, and bus schedules as well as get walking directions to and from stops.

3) Workout App

Detailed measurements can be obtained during specific workouts like cycling, running, and elliptical.

4) Photo Album

Quick access to one’s photo album is now available just by the raising of the wrist.

5) Notifications

It’s now possible to receive and respond to notifications in an instant. There is also Digital Touch that lets one draw and sends sketches to other Apple Watch wearers.

Davy Desmond, Readers Bureau, Fellow

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