40,000 Haitians Driven From Their Homes By Gang Violence

 According to the UN’s food agency, around 40,000 people have been forced out of their homes since mid-August by violence in Haiti, following a rise in crime in the impoverished Caribbean nation.

The displacement is worsening an already complex humanitarian crisis, where almost half of the country faces acute levels of food insecurity.

The UN and its partners have been providing food assistance to the displaced people, but they urgently need more funding to meet the needs of the most vulnerable Haitians.

The violence in Haiti is mainly caused by armed gangs that control large parts of the capital and other areas, and have been involved in kidnappings, killings, rapes, and attacks.

The national police force is unable to contain the gangs, and the government has been asking for international help for more than a year. 

The UN Security Council approved plans on Oct. 2 for Kenya to send an estimated 1,000 troops to Haiti to help restore security and facilitate elections.

However, these plans are facing legal challenges in Kenya, and the deployment has been delayed.

The situation in Haiti is very complex and challenging, and it requires a strong and coordinated humanitarian and security response from the international community.

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