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4 Easy Ways To Boost Your Productivity Fast

All of us want to be more productive, but that can be easier said than done. You can start out the day with big plans to do your best, only to find a quick check of Facebook has led to your whole day being frittered away on pictures of cats and funny videos.

Fortunately, you can be more productive with a few changes. Here are our top 4 easy ways to boost your productivity fast.

  1. Streamline your goals

Multi-tasking can reduce your overall productivity. When you focus on just one goal at a time, you can often reduce the effectiveness of your current work.

Instead, when you make your to-do list for the day, check how many of them must be done, and how many aren’t necessary at all. If they aren’t essential, scratch them off your list. You’re more likely to get things done if you stay focused on the work that matters.

  1. Know your best productivity times

Some of us are night owls, and others are at their prime the first thing in the morning. If you happen to know which part of the day you function best, see if you can shift the bulk of the work you do into these time frames. If they aren’t at a time that is reasonable for work, then choose the next best times of your work day for maximum productivity.

  1. Break up your work into timed intervals

In writing, a conventional method of getting through procrastination is to do a “free write.” During a free write, you must write without ceasing, until the 10 minutes are over. This technique is also great for keeping you going on everything from organizing your home office to getting work done on a major project.

Just set a timer for 10 minutes, work without stopping until the end of it, and then check your progress. Seeing the development itself is often enough positive reinforcement to keep going on it.

  1. Turn off procrastination

Remember those hours on Facebook lost we talked about earlier? Facebook isn’t the only time-suck that can lose precious hours better spent on our projects. Turn off the TV, shut down the Internet if you’re working on a project that doesn’t require it, or use an app that won’t let you visit social media websites. You can regain hours of time you’d otherwise spend on useless social media websites or binge-watching Netflix and end up with higher productivity simply by no not checking your email every 3 seconds.

We all want to be more productive, both at work and in our daily lives. If you’ve got a major project, you’d like to finish on time and with excellent quality, try these four easy ways to boost your productivity fast. You’ll be sitting in that organized office before you know it, and still, have time for a little Facebook at the end of the day. (After project time is over, of course!)


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