The Beauty Of Lebanon

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Lebanon is breathtakingly beautiful. From its aquamarine waters and sandy white beaches to the dramatic waterfalls and jaw-dropping caves, there is no end to the natural beauty of this exquisite country.

If you’re planning a trip to Lebanon and are hoping to see the best of what Lebanon has to offer, here are three incredibly beautiful locations you will want to include on your trip.

The Cedars of God

Cedars once grew thick across much of Lebanon, but over thousands of years of deforestation, that forest has shrunk the forest significantly. Fortunately, these cedar trees are now carefully protected and are also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Right now, the only way to view the cedars is with a trained guide. A reforestation community is in the process of restoring more of these beautiful cedar trees to the area. Reforestation is going slowly because those charged with the care of the forests prefer to expand it naturally, for fear that planting cedars will accidentally introduce new cedar species.

What’s currently there however is spectacular, with some cedar trees grown to staggering heights.

Baatara Pothole

In terms of raw beauty, the Baatara Pothole is definitely a place to visit. Travelers who have been to the pothole recommend visiting during the raining season because then you’ll see more of what the Pothole is famous for—the spectacular waterfall that drops into a cave.

There are spectacular views and rope bridges to travel across for the brave of heart. Local activities include a mini-zipline, and you’re allowed to walk the rim of the hole. It’s one of the most beautiful sites to see in Lebanon and has not yet been overly commercialized by the tourist trade.

The Temple of Bacchus

Lebanon isn’t just known for its natural beauty. It is also well known for some of its amazing historical sites. One of these is the Temple of Bacchus, the best-preserved Roman temple (of comparable size) in the world. It’s even better preserved than the Parthenon in Athens.

Still visible despite the ravages of time are the ornamented ceilings and other fine details. If you want to see Roman work at its finest, this is a must-see destination.

Beit ed-Dine

This marvelous palace was built in the 19th century. Emir Bashir II began building the palace originally in 1788. It was declared a national monument in 1934. Today, festivals and official celebrations are held there. It’s currently used as the summer residence of the president, but all of the rooms are open to the public except for those reserved for the president’s use.

The palace is in beautiful condition and splendidly designed, with typical Lebanese architecture. The gardens are also well kept and beautiful, making the grounds just as enjoyable to view as the palace itself.

If you’ve never visited Lebanon, planning a trip to it is a worthwhile choice. It’s an unrivaled natural beauty, incredible historical sites, and endless opportunities make it a perfect place for your next vacation.


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