2014 Predictions

2014At the start of a year, many people will not only make New Year’s resolutions but also put their credibility on the line by making predictions about the future.

Now, no one really knows the future and making predictions could be at best described as a folly or a fool’s errand.

Notwithstanding, The Readers Bureau has picked up on trends in 2013 and see no reason for not witnessing the following in 2014:

1) Greece Emerges From Recession

2) Brazil Wins The 2014 World Cup

3) Obamacare Gains Momentum And Acceptance

4) Peace Plans Fail And War Breaks Out In The Middle East

5) U.S. Economy Experience A 3-4% GDP Growth Rate

6) More States Follow Colorado’s Lead In Legalizing Marijuana For Medicinal Purposes

7) Political Upheaval and Protest In China

8) Russia Plagued with Acts Of Terrorism

9) North Korea Heightened Its War Path With South Korea

10) Increased In Natural Disasters Globally

Readers Bureau, Contributor