12 Jamaican Dishes You Would Want To Try

Jamaican food will make you feel brand new 

The different dishes will inspire you

Taste and see that this is all true

Welcome to the scene; try the cuisine 

The authentic, traditional Jamaican food is no ordinary cuisine, and one has to experience the taste to see what one is missing in the food department.

And for all the foodies, Jamaica is the destination for a tantalizing taste of the Caribbean. 

Here I have listed 12 dishes that are bound to resonate with your palate.

  1. Jerk chicken
  2. Jerk pork
  3. Jerk fish
  4. Oxtail
  5. Curry goat
  6. Curry chicken
  7. Fish Escovitch
  8. Brown stew chicken
  9. Run Down (run-dun)
  10. Pepper Pot Soup
  11. Mannish Water
  12. Red Peas Soup

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Edited by Jesus Chan

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