10 Jamaican Songs On Record In The Black Freedom Struggle

Over the years, artists have brought to the fore the plight, struggles, heartaches, pains, and dreams of people considered to be downtrodden, exploited, and given a raw deal in life.

Jamaican reggae artists have established themselves as a voice of the voiceless and often use their lyrics to highlight the socio-economic and political barriers that exist as well as the level of injustice that is rampant both locally and internationally.

Below are the names of some artists who have sought to use their lyrics as musical weapons to not only break down barriers but to set the captives free.

1. War — Bob Marley

2. No More Trouble — Bob Marley

3. Apartheid — Peter Tosh

4. Equal Rights — Peter Tosh

5. Botha The Mosquito – Bunny Wailer

6. Roots Reality And Culture — Bounty Killer

7. Crying In Soweto — Harold Butler

8. Mandela Free — Barrington Levy

9. Mandela Land — Super Cat

10. Winnie Mandela – Carlene Davis

Pollyanna Davy, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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