10 Don’ts In Workplace Relationships

workplace romance 2Workplace romance it would seem has been around since time immemorial. The fact is the workplace is where people meet on a daily basis, share mutual interest, spend a lot of time, and in many different ways bond together.

Undoubtedly, therefore, it provides a perfect opportunity for  people to become not only attracted to each other but also develop and establish relationship beyond work.

That said, workplace romance can damage morale, affect productivity, and create disharmony within an organization and more so if the parties involved are married.

It is therefore no wonder then that companies overtime have developed policies and guidelines regarding workplace relationships.

Consequently and more importantly, it behoves individuals who are involved in workplace romance to be discreet in their conduct and behavior at the workplace as much as possible.

Now, here are 10 don’ts in workplace romance:

1)  Do not devote all your free time at work to the party you are involved with. People are not stupid; they will easily pick up on the happenings. Your romance should be kept outside of work and low-keyed at all times.

2)  Do not arrive and leave work at the same time. This breeds suspicion and the saying perception is reality rings true.

3)  Do not confide in colleagues, keep the intrigue, excitement, and mystery to yourself.

4)  Where there is smoke, there is fire – constant meeting at the same time in the elevator, at the car park, for lunch, and in the boardroom are dead giveaways, so avoid the routine.

5)  The company’s computers are for the conduct of company business and therefore should not be used for personal dalliance. In other words, using the company’s computers for personal e-mails is out of bounds and a no, no.

6)  Avoid public display of affection within the vicinity of the workplace. Apart from the cameras, paparazzi are at large and their feedback can have a telling effect.

8)  In any relationship there is bound to be disagreements. Don’t make the workplace a boxing ring for your fights and disagreements.

9)  Leave for lunch five minutes after each other and don’t make lunch date a routine. You don’t want to have lunch together at all times at the exclusion of other co-workers unless, of course, you want to be known as that couple.

10)  Unless you are willing to risk your reputation, job or career, resist the temptation of extramarital affairs at the workplace. In general, it makes people uncomfortable and could impact the company negatively.

Yvad Billings, Readers Bureau, Fellow